Cool Draft
Cool Draft

The FAV Systems Cool-Draft Still Column Vent Condensor is built mainly for dehydrators that produce low volumes of water vapor and BTEX. These low volumes are not enough to warrant an incinerator but should be prevented from relief into the atmosphere. There is a volume of relief gas that is considered to be an acceptable level averaged out over a per year basis. If you can reduce your average emissions to be under the acceptable limit per year, you are not required to install a combustion unit. By installing a FAV Systems Cool-Draft Still Column Vent Condenser you can drastically reduce or condense BTEX into a liquid state to be stored and disposed of. The FAV Systems Cool-Draft Still Column Vent Condenser is a passive device with no moving parts. The PSCVC is a very simple, dependable and economical design that works on thermal heat release, draft, cooling and condensing. All of these variables create an effective condenser that succeeds in reducing the release of hazordous waste into the atmosphere. The PSCVC is the most effective, economical solution to your marginal BTEX reduction needs. Be a pioneer and carve a path for you and others to benefit from this highly developed product. 

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