The Gasperator
The Gasperator
The FAV Systems. Gasperator Vapor Transfer Pump works on very low positive pressure created by breakout in the production or storage tanks. This low pressure flows into an easily expandable bladder, which expands to the rate of demand from the gas breakout in the tank or tanks. The bladder is positioned on a table platform support. On the other side of the bag is a continuously reciprocating disk. As the disk travels up and down, it compresses
and discharges any gas that the bladder has accumulated. The pump does not discharge any gas unless it has entered the bladder, where it is contained and then discharged out to the stack or venting header. The reciprocating disk is not fastened to the bladder, so it does not create any vacuum.

This eliminates air from being draw into the tank. The advantages of these systems are: they’re safer; no explosions; tank tops last longer because of no air intake. It is totally self-governing, at very minimal pressures, without complex controls, no metal blowers to maintain, and it minimizes or eliminates purge and drive gas consumption.
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