Sweet and Dry Scrubber
Sweet and Dry Scrubber

In the Oil and Gas industry there is the need to use gas to operate controls or to fuel engines to produce power. There is generally gas available to do these jobs but the composition of the gas can create problems. The gas may contain water or H2S. Water will freeze lines and controls to cause failure. H2S is a highly corrosive and poisonous gas that will corrode all controls and instrumentation. Also, H2S can create odors and hazardous conditions for operations people to work in.The obvious solution is to use the existing gas but run it through a filter to take out what you don’t want in it. The Sweet canister is a container filled with crystal sweetening material that when the gas comes in contact with it, it absorbs the H2S out of the gas stream so that it can be used safely. This sweetening material leaves no residue in your control lines and controls. There is a direct correlation to calculate how long your sweetening canister will last before servicing.  FAV service people can establish this interval for you based on your gas composition.

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