Sweet Treat
Sweet Treat

FAV Systems Inc. has designed the Sweet Treat System to eliminate fugitive odour problems on sour oil battery vapour lines. Sour vapours are scrubbed sweet and odour-free, thereby preventing call outs and possible battery shut downs.

Vent gas enters the top inlet of the Sweet Treat and is released on the tank bottom into a special scrubbing liquid. The gas filters through a perforated plate with multiple small exit holes to prevent large releases. The sweetened vapours can now be vented to atmosphere without concern. Once the liquid is fully spent, it can be easily replaced through separate fill and drain ports.

FAV Systems has been designing and manufacturing various tank and knockout products for years. Our engineered solutions solve customer problems. FAV Systems will custom-build a Sweet Treat System to suit your maximum tank pressure and flow requirements. Like all our user friendly products, the size, shape, or configuration of a tank can be designed to your site needs.

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