FAV  Premier Pilot
FAV Premier Pilot
The FAV Systems Premier Fuel Gas pilot is the backbone of our constant pilot systems. There are thousands in service all around Canada and the U.S. These systems are built to last, because they are built of Stainless Steel and ceramic. They are very energy efficient, only consuming 20 scfh of fuel gas. This rate of consumption will save you thousands of dollars during the life span of these systems. The Ceramic Pilot Nozzle ensures long life and stability to the pilot flame. The Ceramic Nozzle is engineered to protect the pilot flame from wind and the elements. The ceramic nozzles are totally resistant to corrosion due to flame impingement and chemical breakdown. The premium Silicon Nitride is a very dense compressed ceramic that is state of the art material. It is used for drill bits, space shuttle ball bearings, wear bushings, etc. Now FAV Systems  brings it to you for your critical corrosive application.
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