VOS (Vacuum Only Side mount)
VOS (Vacuum Only Side mount)

The FAV Systems Vapor-Tight Model VOS Vacuum Relief Vents are designed to relieve vacuum on tanks while they’re being pumped out or experience rapid climate changes resulting in the cooling and contraction of tank contents. Also available with flame arrestor for tank protection.

The vent is a one piece body design, which is an extremely rugged weld body unit. Taller guide rods ensure that a full open valve position is obtainable. All vents utilize FAV Systems Patented Counter-force Pressure Suspended Pallet and bolt in stainless steel seat and internal components.

FAV Systems Patented Counter-force Pressure Suspended Pallet conforms to the seat like no other valve on today’s market. The inflating effect of the diaphragm increases as the pressure in the vent rises. This means that when the vent is closer to its set point, the seal is at its greatest performance. Seat leakage for a 1/2 oz/sq” setting is less than 0.5 SCFH for all sizes at 90% of set point. Also multiple bolt lids ensure 100% sealing of the vent body assembly. All vents come standard with 316 Stainless Steel internal components that include; guide rod assembly, bolts and nuts, seats, and Counter-force Pressure Suspended Pallet.


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