PVTH (Pressure Vacuum Thief Hatch)
PVTH (Pressure Vacuum Thief Hatch)

 FAV Systems. has developed the Vapor Tight Pressure / Vacuum Thief Hatch to address fugitive emissions releases for the new millennium. Releases of toxic vapors into the atmosphere are being unacceptable. The solution is to purchase equipment that offers superior sealing ability; products that are built to last as long as the tank itself, and that have good local service and support to make repairs quickly if necessary.

The  FAV Systems Vapor Tight Pressure Vacuum Thief Hatch addresses all of these issues. The Counter Force Pressure Suspended Seal Assembly actually inflates as the pressure rises in the tank. As it inflates, it creates an even tighter seal. A choice of body materials such as aluminum, coated carbon steel and stainless steel is available. Carbon steel and stainless steel construction ensures long life and durability. FAV Systems has local manufacturing facilities and pursues engineering challenges aimed directly at our harsh climate and conditions.

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